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  1. Adarsh voluntary organization will work for the deprived, disabled, oldage and other vulnerable sections of the society.
  2. To help and assist vulnerable sections of the society by providing rehabilitation, counselling centers, schools, institutions to help and assist to make self reliance and empower children’s, women and youth.
  3. To establish orphanage,oldage , disabled homes and rehabilitation centre’s for AIDS , drugs ,de-addicted , health centre’s , yoga centre’s , clinics , hospitals , working women hostels , crèches , etc…
  4. To work for the propagation of consumer rights , information  act and other legal rights being laid by constitution for the welfare of people by conducting legal aid camps and people by awareness programmers.
  5. To reach the above objectives the organization will co-ordinate and take assistance with state and central governments and national and international organizations and individuals.